Time:October 30th, 2017                        Auther:ACME

      Clients from Senegal came to Wuhan ACME AGRO TECH CO,.LTD. again, these clients were our old friends,Previously, we had cooperated with them about harvest machinery and we had established a good relationship of win-win cooperation.For this visit,Customers need to purchase a set of rice processing equipment and ask our technical engineer to install and debug for them.

     Wuhan ACME AGRO TECH CO,.LTD.was established in 2010,our main products include agricultural machinery and food machinery.We have successfully exported rice processing equipment to many countries and we have sent the technical engineer to the site many times to install and debug.so its no problem for their request,Cooperation is at hand, and we look forward to the next cooperation!

Negotiating rice processing equipment

Taking group photo for commemoration

Senegalese customers visit  Wuhan ACME AGRO

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