Time: June 1, 2018    Author: ACME

On June 1st, 2018, Mali customer came to WUHAN ACME AGRO-TECH CO., LTD,the customers came to visit this time, on the one hand to inspect the strength of the ACME team,  on the other hand, to communicate in detail on the rice mill equipment cooperation project. The ACME team and technical engineers serve the customers with enthusiasm and thoughtfulness, and patiently explain and answer questions for the customers. The customers expressed their sincerity and immediately expressed their sincerity in cooperation with us and initially drafted the cooperation agreement. On the same day, coincides with the International Children's Day, the client wears a carefully prepared red scarf and a happy photo with ACME, Let us look forward to the next win-win cooperation.

Taking a group photo

Mali customer visited Wuhan ACME AGRO

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