On July 18, 2018, the former Nigerian President Obasanjo's visit to China Steamed Rice Project was held in Wuhan. Mr. Huang, Chairman of ACME Agro and Mr. Zeng  were invited to attend this meeting.

    During the meeting, Mr. Obasanjo and his delegation of the China-Nepalese Chamber of Commerce conducted in-depth discussions and suggestions on the cooperation between China and Nigeria, and during the period, Mr. Obasanjo also had a friendly photo with representatives of our company. Thanks to Mr. Obasanjo for his visit to China, we believe that this meeting will play a very important role in further promoting China-Nepal trade.

Warmly welcome the arrival of former Nigerian President Obasanjo

The participants listened carefully to Mr. Obasanjo’s suggestion

Mr. Obasanjo and the representatives of our company cordially communicated and took photos

Warmly welcome the former Nigerian President Obasanjo to visit China to discuss the steamed rice project

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