FH500 Margarine Machinery Process


1.Superior grade oil cake 2.Compact structure 3.Stable function 4.Manual operation. 5.Margarine machine lin stainless steel.

FH500 Margarine machine

FH500 Margarine equipment is the host equipment for producing fat products( Margarine, pastry margarine, etc.).The whole set consists of quencher, malaxator, hot water circulation system, cooling system, pressure delivery pump and so on.
The equipment's structure is tight, It covers a small area, operates simple, and saves work force.The main parts of the machine are made of stainless steel which makes it corrosion resisting.Wearing parts and components comply with standard requirements and the daily maintenance is convenient.

Margarine&pastry margarine production line is made of the host equipment and auxiliary equipments(Hot Water Tank,batching tank, emulsion tank, aging tank)

Flow chart of whole producing line of FH500

Raw material --->

Batching(batching tank) ---> Emulsifying(Emulsify hot and  cold water tank) ---> pretreated material storage (Hot and cold tank) --->
Precooling of crystallization(Quencher A) ---> Cryogenic

crystallization(Quencher B) ---> Kneading and refining(Malaxator) --->
Outlet of finished product

Process in yellow background belong to the Pretreatment of the line happen in accessory equipment.

Process in Green background belong to the Main process of the line happen in the main machine.






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