ACM-50 centrifugal oil filter


1.high-performance oil filter machine 2.easy to operate 4.stable and safe. 5.low price,corrosion resistant.

ACM-50 centrifugal oil filter 

ACM-50 centrifugal oil filter main technical parameters













     Oil grade




   Rotor speed(r/min)




     Loading valume(L)




ACM-50 centrifugal oil filter description
This oil filter press has no quick-wear part, and save electricity and time, the oil is of high quality and purity. no quick-wear part for long time working and no waste of the filter cloth

ACM-50 centrifugal oil filter principle
It separates oil from liquid and solidity, when the rotor stops, the absolute oil flow out from rotor to finishing filtering.

ACM-50 centrifugal oil filter features
1, filtration speed, every 3-4 minutes filtering time, each filter oil amount 15-20kg, each 1000kg filtering amount clear once sludge, convenient operation.
2, and other equipment phase long, use for a long time without any consumption pieces, no more the cloth wash and filter cloth qing consumption.
3, save electricity, starting power, add hair after oil broken power, using a drum produce centrifugal force for oil filter, drum static after a net overflows.
4, use effect is better than all other filtration equipment, such as plate frame filter oil filter cloth and machine replace filter cloth consumption of trouble, air pressure filtration over-voltage initiating the danger and sludge overmuch repeatedly open the defects of low efficiency, use the centrifugal filter no consumption pieces of purchase, save electricity time-saving, the effect is good, a water-in-oil higher grade synthetic diamond, colour and lustre is clear, direct canned sell or direct edible.
5, centrifugal fine filters design elucidation: equipment is small but high scientific and technological content, and one is in high speed rotating drum when balance problem, slightly



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