Farm Drip Irrigation System



Farm Drip Irrigation System  

Drip irrigation is in accordance with the requirements for crop water requirement, through the low pressure pipe system and installation on the capillary water, the water drop by drop, and crops needed nutrients evenly and slowly drip into the crop root zone irrigation method from the soil.


Internal drip without destroying the soil structure, soil water, fertilizer, gas and heat often keep the good condition of the suitable for crop growth, the evaporation loss is small, do not produce surface runoff, almost no deep seepage, is a kind of water saving irrigation mode.Drip irrigation water is the main characteristic is small, water flow for 2 to 12 liters per hour, therefore, a water continues for a long time, water cycle is short, can do low water frequently irrigation;Need low working pressure, can accurately control the irrigation water, can reduce ineffective evaporation between tree, not cause waste water;Drip irrigation can automation management.


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