Farm Greenhouse



Farm Greenhouse 

Greenhouse is venlo more sunshine board type (also can be used in a circular arch), with more than a across the top, modern appearance, stable structure, form beautiful and easy, fluent, heat preservation performance is remarkable, light transmittance, moderate rain tank, large span and large displacement, strong ability to resist wind, wind and rain are suitable for large area.Sunlight greenhouse, has a good penetrability, low heat conduction coefficient, because the sunshine board weight is light, long life, great tensile strength, through a simple steel bone structure can meet the requirements of wind resistance, protection against snow, and long service life, beautiful and easy, reduce repetitive construction and investment, is instead of the original plastic film greenhouse and glass greenhouse,


Greenhouse is mainly used for g ecological restaurant, exhibition tourism, scientific experiment and demonstration promotion, efficient cultivation (fruits, vegetables, flowers and trees, medicinal herbs, etc.), agricultural products sales and efficient farming, aquaculture, livestock and poultry, insects, etc.), industrial comprehensive recycling economy.


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