Grain dry oven


It is suitable for the cultivation of microorganisms and bacteria in industrial and mining enterprises, food processing, biochemical, agricultural, biological and pharmaceutical industries.
used in industrial and mining enterprises, medical and health care, medicine, biology, agriculture, electronics, chemical industry, environmental protection, scientific research units and other departments to baking, drying, dissolved, disinfection to use.

Grain dry oven

Product features:

1. The shell is made of high quality cold-rolled steel plate, and the surface electrostatic spraying process is processed.
2. The workshop adopts stainless steel plate or high quality anticorrosive cold rolling.
3. Microcomputer intelligent control temperature meter, PID control program, large screen digital display, light touch operation button.
4. Have overtemperature alarm and timing function.
5. Use double-layer toughened glass window.

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