Portable speedy Digital Grain Moisture Tester


This product is research and development according to the moisture testing standard of more than 20 different kinds of grain in domestic and foreign, at the same time, increased new simple characteristic bulk density and temperature in reference and improved the function and characteristics of original Moisture Meter.

Test object : food stuff and other nonmetal grain substance, such as rice and millet , wheat, maize, soybean, and rapeseed, vegetable seed, etc.

Main Features

Fast, accurate and convenient

Ac/dc power supply
Point drop liquid crystal display, clear, bright, save electricity
Multi-point calibration, error correction
Low power consumption, automatic shutdown, efficiency, energy saving
Automatic sedate machine temperature compensation
Easy conversion display, water average calculation

Techincal Parameters

Test object

foodstuff and other nonmetal grain sample

Testing range

Testing range

Test error

≤±0.5%(Main moisture range)

Test time


Repeatability error


Bulk density testing error


Environment temperatures


Display usage

Highlight LCD digital display

Power supply 

DC 6V (5 dry battery) or AC 9V (220V DC)

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