Small Automatic Weather Station


The agriculture and forestry microclimate information acquisition system can collect agricultural environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, illumination intensity, wind speed and wind direction and rainfall in real time.It is widely used in meteorological, facility agriculture, forestry, horticulture, animal husbandry and other fields to realize automatic monitoring of integrated ecological information of facilities, automatic control and intelligent management of the environment.

Functional features

Agriculture, forestry and microclimate after information collection system and the computer connection, to realize automatic hourly regional meteorological data acquisition, processing and storage, data display, data export to Excel at the same time can be microclimate for editing, according to the need to generate charts.
Automatic collection of various parameter data, through the interface can download the data to the computer via software.
Host, big screen Chinese language display LCD diaphragm button, can be real-time display date and time of sampling, group number, temperature, humidity, light intensity, wind speed and direction, rainfall, parameters, such as instrument is small and beautiful, convenient application.
The user can set the parameters and close the unwanted parameter channels as required.
Extensibility: the system program adopts the modular structure to facilitate the expansion or shielding of functions.
Data storage is powerful and can store up to 120,000 pieces of data, which can be viewed on the host and can be imported into the computer.
Upper computer software function:
Show the trend of each parameter process curve, the maximum value, minimum value, average display view, enlarge, reduce function, clear and clear.
It has the color function of the overlimit area, which is more intuitive and brings more convenience to customers.
The data that can be stored is saved in EXCEL format for later invocation.
The report and graph of each parameter can be checked by the time period and can be printed by computer.
The curvilinear coordinates can be set and moved on their own, and the analysis of history will be clearer and more clear.

Test time: less than 2 seconds
Record capacity: 120000 pieces of data (the two parameters are 60, 000 sets, and the three parameters are 40000, and the four parameters are 30000
Group, and so on)
Record time interval: 1 ~ 99 hours continuously adjustable
Communication interface: rs-485, USB port

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