Granary Multifunctional Electric Sampler


This series of products is a new efficient multifunctional grain sampler, is through the accumulation of years of experience in the company independently developed, were in the range of 0-30 m random sampling. Product is suitable for grain sampling in the deep silo and silo, underground warehouse and warehouse, warehouse and in grain storage and transportation, quality inspection process to skewer samples, but also local second-hand cleaning dust, put insecticide, laying cable measurement and other operations. Suitable grain varieties including wheat, rice, rice, corn, rapeseed, sorghum and other raw grains.

Performance features

1 the country's first host maximum suction up to 30m

2 can be used for dry and wet cleaning and sampling

The original quality of the 3 samples can better keep the grain

4 with blowing function, to meet the different requirements

5 with jack base, easy to store accessories

6 automatic winding and safety protection device, protect the normal operation of motor

7 has the advantages of strong suction, sampling, reducing the labor force, the use of reliable, simple operation, etc.

8 before using the power supply voltage is required to check whether the voltage value of the machine

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