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Solar air collector is a new device that can take advantage of solar heating, which has been made the most of all over the world. Solar air collector is a Eco-friendly, High-efficiency heating equipment, used for drying agricultural products, vegetable and fruits.
Portable Solar Dryer Cart is a kind of solar air heating collector which is a new device and suitable for most rural area and small owners. Its heat can be controlled by intelligent temperature controller, regulated between 30 and 60 degrees, matching a certain wind speed, used for drying grain, corn, local specialty, tobacco, grape, almond, medlar, Chinese herbal medicine, fish, cured meat and so on. The output of everyday can achieve from 10 to 100kg. It can avoid dust, rain and other external factors and improve drying speed, what's more, the quality, the color and lustre of the product are better by means of this drying method. Portable Solar Dryer Cart is a economical green products adapted to the New Rural Construction. It can replace the rural traditional energy such as the small coal stove and the heated floor which are used widely now. 
Our lots of experiments have shown that drying the 40% water content tobacco into the 8% water content needs only 2 days; drying the 75% water content fish into 10% water content needs only 3 days; Drying Chinese herbal medicine needs about 1 day when it is sunny and the daily average temperature is above 12 degrees.  

Product Advantages:

Portable Solar Dryer Cart is designed of small size, 2 meters long, 1.5 meters wide and 1 meter high, matching trundle, able to move conveniently just by manpower. It also can be towed by small tractor, tricycle and hay mower. It can be moved to the position where the sunshine is enough. 
The temperature is adjustable to demand different materials need, regulated between 30 and 60 degrees by smart temperature controller.
Low cost, low power consumption and high efficiency. The power of the fan blower is only 0.35kw.
Portable Solar Dryer Cart has long serving life, no damage to components. Its service life can exit for 15 years. 
Portable Solar Dryer Cart with multifunction, its box can be used for storage box when there is no drying purpose. 

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