Laboratory Automatic Soxhlet Extraction Fat Analyzer


This product room according to the principle of soxhlet, weight determination method to determine the fat content.The fat dissolve in organic solvents, with separated from solvent extraction to make fat, then drying, weighing, and calculate the fat content.Instrument determination results conform to the state (GB5512-85) standards, the indicators and performance can meet the requirement of the imported similar products.
Product use:
Products applicable to all kinds of food, feed, fuel and the determination of crude fat content of different fat products.
Performance characteristics:
This instrument mainly have heat soak extraction, solvent recovery and the cooling of three parts.Operation can be regulated according to different reagent boiling point and the environmental temperature and heating temperature, try pole extraction process with repeated immersion and extraction, so as to achieve rapid determination.

Technical note:
1, the range of measurement: oil content from 0.5% to 60% within the scope of the food, feed, oil and fat products
2, the determination of samples: 6
3, the determination of time: 1.5 2.5 h
4, and extraction time can be adjusted when the 
5, working voltage: 220 v
6, the electric-power-power-power-power-power-power heating power: 800 w
7, the temperature control range: 5-90 ºC at the room temperature

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