Electric Mini Lab Used Paddy Rice Thresher


The AMCE-45  Electric hulling mill widely uses in the grain, the seed, the agricultural grain colleges and universities, the commodity inspection and the scientific research and so on various grain department examines the rough rice to leave the roughness coefficient, the rice nature fit and unfit quality, the seed vigor and the fast bud experiment peels off the shell with the essential one kind of instrument.
This machines and tools have the modeling artistically, firm durable, the volume small, the weight light, the operation simple, carry, the replacement components conveniently simple, the machine capability stable, the noise small, the coarse speed are quick, examine each kind of rough rice target according to the rank to achieve GB1350-1999, theGB/T17891-1999 country new standing operating procedure request.

Electric Hulling Mill is used in grain, seed, the agricultural grain colleges and universities, commodity inspection and so on.

Detailed Images:

 Technical  parameters

Motor voltage100W
Roll specification40*45mm
Bearing Model 18 Four sets/Model 25 one set
The machine weight3.5kg
The size208*140*207mm

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