Automatic Eggs Brooder Machine Hot Sale Hatchery Egg Incubator


Product Description:

1. The box is made of colorful steel plate, and the shape is beautiful and generous.

2. Incubate the young fully automatic one machine, can incubate the young in batches.

3. Adopt import temperature and humidity sensor, reliable and accurate temperature and humidity control.

4. Ventilation system for scientific circulation.

5. Stable and reliable automatic egg turning mechanism, which can be selected by manual and automatic user.

6. Matching egg pan (chicken, duck, goose, pigeon egg tray optional).

The latest patent microcomputer controller, multi-mode intelligent temperature change.Double power supply, 220v ac and 12V battery can be automatically switched, and 220v ac can be used to avoid the loss caused by power failure.
Rotary multi-functional hatching egg dish, egg turning Angle is large, can be arbitrarily set, effectively avoid the embryo and eggshell adhesion, enhance the output rate of the young, versatile multi-function plate to achieve a real egg plate can be any breeder eggs hatch.
Each shelf can be put down from the small basket, after hatching, can come out of the shell directly inside the machine, after the shell, can be in the machine to carry out the egg to remove the temperature, truly can incubate the cone to raise the young to integrate.

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