BLH-3250 Rice inspection roughing machine


BLH-3250 experimental roughing machine is widely used in grain, seed, agricultural grain colleges, commodity inspection and scientific research, etc. The grain output rate of rice is tested, the quality of rice is good, the seed viability and the rapid bud test are not required for shelling. One less instrument.

   The machine utilizes appropriate rubber rolls and is equipped with a roll elastic device for facilitating the roughening of large and small types of rice, so that the user can adjust to a single-time shelling rate of more than 99% under different types of rice, so that the rice grains and the clam shell are separated. And the rice is not broken, not hairy, not black and so on.

    The machine has beautiful appearance, sturdy and durable, small size, light weight, simple operation, convenient carrying, simple replacement parts, stable mechanical performance, low noise, fast roughing speed, automatic feeding, visual adjustment of spacing, etc.

First, BLH-3250 experiment Shiba machine technical description:

1. Case size: 270x180x335mm

2. Motor voltage: 220V/50Hz; power 130W; rotation speed 2800r/min

3. rubber roller specifications: Φ52x40mm

4,.the machine weight: 16 kg

Second, product use:

First turn on the power switch to make the machine run normally, take a certain amount of rice to be inspected and pour it into the feeding port, enter the machine, and shake it through the relative differential speed of the fast and slow rubber rollers, and then pass the material. The chamber is separated from the clam shell by the action of a small fan. The machine can work at normal voltage for one-time shelling rate of over 99%.

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