JA.JLG-2118 Inspection of the roughing machine



Technical specifications and performance

1. The rate of shelling in a valley is over 97%, and the rate of shelling in two valleys is 100%.

2. 50 grams of rice sample shelling time is about 40s

3. The brown rice grain is not damaged after shelling, and the broken rice rate of normal rice after shelling is <3%

4. rubber roller speed: 2800r / min

5. rubber roller adjustable spacing: 0-3mm

6.brown rice collection box capacity: 120 grams

7. chaff collection box capacity: 60 grams

8. motor power: 120W (DC 220V)

9. working voltage: 220V

10, size: 320mmX280mmX165mm

11, the whole machine weight: 7.5kg

12, can work with 12V DC power supply

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