Inspection of the roughing machine


The JLGJ.45 type inspection machine is a special instrument for testing the roughness of rice. It is widely used in food, seed, agriculture, food colleges, commodity inspection and scientific research departments and other food sectors to test the roughness of rice, the quality of rice, the seed viability and the rapid bud test necessary for shelling.

First, the introduction

The machine is made of aluminum alloy, which is made by one-time casting and brass slope. With suitable rubber rolls, it is equipped with a roll elastic device and air volume adjusting device which facilitates the roughening of large and small types of rice, so that users can adjust to a single-time shelling rate of more than 99% under different types of rice, and rice and clam shells. It is separated and clean, and the rice is not broken, not hairy, not black. The machine has beautiful appearance, sturdy and durable, small size, light weight, simple operation, convenient carrying, simple replacement parts, stable mechanical performance, low noise, fast roughing speed, and various types of rice indexes up to GB1350-1999, GB. /T17891-1999 National new standards requirements.

two:Product parameters:

1. Motor voltage: 220V;

2, motor power: 100W;

3. Motor speed: 5599r/min;

4, rubber roller specifications: 40X45mm;

5, bearing model: 18 (four pieces) 25 (one piece);

6, machine weight: 3.5kg;

7, dimensions: 208X140X207mm

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